Teak Application
Teak is a dense and durable hardwood suitable for outdoor applications where resistance to the elements is required. Teak has qualities unlike any other wood and is dense, rich in oil, almost impervious to splitting, buckling, and rot making it termite proof. Teak has been prized for centuries as one of the worlds most durable and stable woods for outdoor use. Traditionally used on boats and in outdoor furniture, teak has also been widely used for flooring/decking as well because of its superior ability to withstand the elements. When amortized over the years, taking into consideration its quality and longevity, teak wood is one of the better investments around. Teak should be used wherever the distinguished look of one of the world's most prized woods is desired. Maintained properly, a quality piece of teak furniture will last for many generations.

Uses of teak worldwide....
Teak has grown in its usage from ship / house building to decorate interiors with teak flooring, walls, teak furniture, modular kitchens, staircases etc. Today teak has become the signature of elite living and style statement. Its applications have grown beyond traditional usage- An insignia of the rich, teak investment is no less than a investment in gold. As bulk stockist of this wood we cater to a wide range of clients and requirements